Call the Exorcist… he’s two and he’s pissed off about it!

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A Demon has invaded our Bambi like son and left that thing off Child’s Play, or one of those wet gremlins, or that thing out of Alien, or that Damien kid – behind. Demon Take-over Toddler Timeline (yesterday): 4am: Demon invades son. Son starts hollering down the stairs that he has been possessed. 4.15am: I […]


Say something, I’m giving up on you – When your toddler won’t talk

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Our two year old doesn’t speak. That is to say – he makes noises by the bucketload (wonderful loud ear-blasting noises) – but no real words. We are all (the parent and grandparent committee) sure there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about at all. My partner comes home every day with […]