An open ‘Shit I’m sorry (apology)’ to parents everywhere : I thought my child would be different

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I thought there were no shit children – only shite parents. I thought it was your fault. I thought being a parent was easy peasy and I would be amazing at it. IĀ couldn’t understand why anyone would moan. I thought Stay at home parents had it the easiest. I imagined you all there, sipping tea […]


Call the Exorcist… he’s two and he’s pissed off about it!

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A Demon has invaded our Bambi like son and left that thing off Child’s Play, or one of those wet gremlins, or that thing out of Alien, or that Damien kid – behind. Demon Take-over Toddler Timeline (yesterday): 4am: Demon invades son. Son starts hollering down the stairs that he has been possessed. 4.15am: I […]