They are sending me (a pregnant woman) Free Cake! – Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

Some days are pretty unremarkable…run of the mill… not much goes on – just the usual running around after a toddler and growing a sibling in my ever expanding belly. But some days – well, they are particularly special.

The day I was offered free cake will be one that goes down in history.

As soon as my fiancé came home I shouted

“They are sending me a free cake!”

When I explained the concept – which was a cake that arrives through the letterbox (The Letterbox cake) his first question was “How on earth can they send a cake through the letterbox and it not be smashed to bits?”

“I don’t know darling….we will see!” I squealed. #freecake

I was asked which cake I would like – as you can basically have anything you want. They appear to be the Moonpig equivalent of cake – just cakes not cards. (Cakes are way better than cards anyway). You can personalise them and they also have a wide selection of templates to choose from.

 I couldn’t think of anyone who frankly deserved a cake more than me

– so I scanned through the selection and decided on a template congratulating myself on my own pregnancy (as I write this, I feel it may be a tad odd).

And it arrived!

 There is nothing quite as exciting (barring the birth of my actual child) than a cake coming through the letterbox!

Here it was – and to our delight and surprise – it wasn’t smashed to bits. It comes with balloons and candles,  a little card and a lovely tin. The tin is the key component in it not being smashed. It was completely intact.

We opened it and the smell filled the room of sweet lovely cake-y icing-y goodness.

It tasted lovely and I kindly shared it with my family on a recent caravan holiday. Everyone enjoyed it (including the toddler). You can choose your sponge from a selection. Mine was plain – but they also have fruit and chocolate.

The best thing about the cake was the design and I think that is what you would use Baker Days letterbox cakes for – for any design you like! This is the novelty of it.

And I’m very excited about it because the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Instead of cards – I am definitely going to be sending letterbox cakes to friends and family from now on for any special occasions.

I’m envisioning a cake with my dad’s face on it for his birthday….

A cake with my toddler’s art on it for Grandma…

A cake with my own face on it for my fiancé just because it’s Friday!

A cake with our cat on it… because we are strange people.

A cake with rude words on it for my crude friends – of which there are several.

Baker Days Letterbox cakes are the sort of idea you wish you had had first and taken on Dragon’s Den. One with Theo Paphitis’ face on it. If I hadn’t eaten it first… (the cake…not Theo Paphitis’ face).

Take a look at BakerDays cakes for yourself … and just think about the possibilities – who deserves a cake through their letterbox?

Or just order one for yourself! You deserve it.

Especially if you’re pregnant!

No fee was accepted for this review but I did get a FREE CAKE! #freecake


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