PACO First Aid Review

First Aid for Ankle Biters

Have you ever been in a restaurant and heard a kerfuffle at another table? Someone is choking and needs help. “Help!” You hear “Is anyone a doctor?” Would you sink down in your chair knowing that you would be utterly useless and pray that someone else will jump up and save the day? I should think most of us might.

But what if it was a child? And worse – what if it was your child?

The idea of not knowing what to do if my child stops breathing, if my child was unconscious, if my child was choking – was unacceptable to me. So when I saw that Mothercare was offering First Aid courses at their Leeds store I jumped at the chance to become educated.

I turned up with my three month old under my arm just in case they needed a child to put in peril for a demonstration.

Luckily the trainer brought her own dummies. The training was provided by Paula Colman, the founder of Paco First Aid. There were a few other expectant mothers there and an expectant father. It was wonderfully social first and foremost. What a privilege, as a new mum, being able to communicate with adult humans!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.46.27

The information came thick and fast flying past my rusty cerebral lobes. Probably the most useful, invaluable, vital information I have ever been party to. The friendly, personable, casual Paula relayed to us how to administer CPR and we all practised on the dummies. It was fascinating. For me, all of the information was brand new. I soaked it in like an enthusiastic sponge. We learnt the reasons why someone might become unconscious and what to do in each scenario. We also learnt and practised what to do if our baby or child (or an adult) was choking.

My favourite bits were Paula’s little rhymes to remember the first aid – like “If the face is pale… raise the tail” – in other words, raise their legs, and one for remembering the recovery position that was a little bit cheeky! The surprising parts were the vigour you need to use in chest compressions or unblocking a baby’s or child’s throat.

As well as being fun – I can honestly say that what I was told could very possibly help me save a life one day.

It was thoroughly enjoyable. I left feeling empowered and a little arrogant. In my head I was now a fully fledged member of the emergency services. A Paramedic for the petites if you will. I couldn’t wait to tell others what I had learnt – and I swear I slept more soundly last night.

Mothercare Leeds, with Paco First Aid, are holding first aid sessions (for baby and child) every Wednesday evening – pop in to the Leeds store to get a timetable or search for Paco First Aid to find out days/times on Facebook if you would like to become empowered too!

Pass out in front of me now … go on! I dare ya!

Disclosure: No fee was received for this review.


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