Non-Alcoholic / Alcohol Free Wine: What’s the point? Eisberg wine Review

I am a big drinker. A wine connoisseur if you will (wino). I love wine. I feel it is a valid and essential part of most meals – breakfast excluded. You can find me most weekends at wine tasting events. So pregnancy is a bit tough for me. When you say “non-alcoholic wine” to people on the street (my friends and family) you tend to get the same response:

What’s the point?


Well, I’ll tell you.

6 Reasons non-alcoholic wine is a pregnant lady’s friend

1. No one likes being left out of the party. I was pregnant over Christmas. Christmas my absolute favourite time of the year because you can start drinking with your smoked salmon and cream cheese in the a.m. When everyone is milling about with goblets of vino or sitting at the feast with their crystal glasses of grapey goodness – and you have a small cup of milk, or worse…water, well it just doesn’t seem fair. And while you might want to enjoy your one glass a week later in pregnancy, I find at family parties it’s generally a no-no. Or the unborn child’s Grandma tries to rugby tackle it out of your hands in full on Liam Neeson stylee. This is when a glass of non-alcoholic wine in your hand can really help you feel like you’re part of the celebration.

2. It is your master of disguise. Generally, we want to keep our happy news a secret till at least the twelve week mark (although this is a personal choice). With myself, the jig was up at around six weeks when we had friends over who declared “Crack open the wine!” and I opted for lemonade. I was happy for them to know – but there are other situations where I would definitely want to keep my news schtum. Looking back, it would have been easy for me to pour my decoy wine separately in the kitchen and to have kept the news our little secret for much longer.

3. Olives don’t go with tea. During the ‘sickness months’ of pregnancy I lived on dry toast and crisps. Beans on toast was a real gourmet meal. However, as you start to feel yourself more, your taste buds spring back to life and you may fancy the rich delights you once adored: Olives, antipasti, exotic cheeses, nachos! None of these go with a cup of tea. They are synonymous with wine. Spicy Madras – red wine. Sweet and Sour chicken – White wine. Fish and Chips – white wine (I could go on!)

4. Tis the Season. In my first pregnancy the last stretch was over winter and Christmas. In the evening I fancied a red wine. I imagine the more imaginative among us could come up with a mulled wine recipe . My second pregnancy’s last stretch will be over the summer – and as the sun slowly shows its face over the UK, I certainly long to sit in the garden with a cool, crisp glass of white wine. There is also a great sangria recipe on the Eisberg alcohol free wine website.

5. Constant Cravings. A friend asked me “do you still want wine during pregnancy?” YES. I answered. Unfortunately – yes. I would go so far as to say some evenings I crave it. Some don’t like the taste of wine – but I do. For example – yesterday I craved jalapeño poppers, spicy cheese and wine. (I’d like to say this is only in pregnancy – but it’s not). I was able to partake!


6. You can take part in #wineoclock. If you are a twitter user who is friends with a lot of other parents – you will be aware of wine o’clock. I can tell you, as a mother of one boisterous toddler, when he’s finally in bed and I slump on the sofa in front of Gogglebox and watch Steph and Dom glugging posh cocktails – I hate you all tweeting #wineoclock. Well – hate no more! I can now tweet it too! We need a new hashtag though #nonalcoholicwineoclock.

What I drank
I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle of Eisberg Alcohol free Riesling to sample. I chose the Riesling as I thought it would go well with the sunny weather we have been experiencing and a light salad type dish (what I fancy when it’s summery).

How did it taste?
I was worried it would taste sweet – as I’m not a sweet fan (especially with it being a Riesling). The same as when you choose the light low fat cream cheese as opposed to the original and you can practically taste all the sugar they’ve added to compensate for the fat.

But it wasn’t sweet at all. It smelt exactly like wine. (The smell particularly hit me as I haven’t drunk for so long). It also tasted like wine. I think if no one had told me it was non-alcoholic I would not have guessed. I also think if I added lemonade to make a spritzer it would be lovely!

Other benefits
The bottle reads ‘Just 24 calories per 125ml glass’ so this might be a great option if you are watching your figure. Which I will be in July! I can imagine the above all applies for when I am breastfeeding too.


Dear all other alcoholic wine brands – from about September 2015 onwards I am happy to accept alcoholic wine to taste. I could compare the two! A ‘taste test’ if you will. As many as you like. I like crates for household decoration.

No fee was accepted for this review
Only the white Riesling was sampled – I can not comment on the red or rose.


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