Motorola Video Baby Monitor Review

Baby Big Brother is watching you

The Motorola VIDEO baby monitor 

It’s not often that I get excited about technology – especially as using the microwave sometimes still puzzles me – but I have a new toy and, not only have I figured out how to use it – but I would go as far as to say it has changed my ‘new mum’ life.

If you are as anxious a first time parent as me then you may have come to know a certain type of ‘relationship’ with baby monitors. The dream is that you will finally have some freedom as you can leave your lovely sleeping baby in his moses basket in one room and go and sit in another room and relax! Freedom! A wondrous invention. Maybe you can even make a cup of tea! However the reality is that you are too terrified to leave your baby at all – and when you do leave him/her the following happens:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 15.38.43

  • You spend your time worrying.
  • You constantly bash the button on the front of the walky talky type device convinced that it doesn’t work anymore.
  • You turn the volume up to maximum to try and hear him breathing but you can’t so you worry.
  • You go back in to the room in a panic three times to check he is ok and that the device is working.
  • You forget to turn it off when you walk into the room sending a ridiculously loud screech along the air ways.
  • Your baby nearly wakes up.
  • You try again.
  • You clamp the device against your ear trying to hear his heartbeat.
  • Your baby lets out a little squeak – your ear drum perforates.
  • You rush back upstairs to check he is ok. And you had been gone 3 minutes.

So imagine my excitement at the discovery of the new Motorola Digital VIDEO Baby Monitor. My own little baby CCTV!

It is incredibly simple to use (it must be if I can conquer it / idiot proof if you will). It comes in two parts – a small camera on a small stand with a neck you can adjust to capture any part of the room/area you want. The second part is the monitor which looks like a mini mobile phone but instead of Angry Birds on the screen you will see your little Angel!

The buttons on the front allow you to adjust the volume and brightness of the picture. The picture is in colour and is incredibly clear. It is so clear I can see my son’s little chest bobbing up and down when he sleeps. I can also hear his delicate snoring. It also has infrared night vision!

As I mentioned, you can imagine how this has changed my life. I can now go to the toilet without him. I can make that elusive cup of tea, monitor in hand, safe in the certainty that no catastrophe has occurred in my three minutes away from him. I can now do the washing up during his afternoon nap and watch him the whole time. I can even watch him in his Jumperoo in one room if I need to cook dinner in another and KNOW he is alright.

My house is now baby big brother – 24 hour live streaming.

He is approaching six months, we have bought a cot and are starting to think about moving him in to his own room – which I was wholeheartedly concerned about – but with my new toy I am feeling so much better about the notion – even excited!

The tag line is “Watch them dream” – and I intend on doing exactly that!

The Motorola MBP18 Video Baby Monitor is available on pre-order now

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Disclosure: A free monitor was received in order for this review to be written. No fee was given.


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