Binky goes to London / The Perfect sightseer’s Gift – Book (and Bear) Review

Binky Bear Book Review – Binky Goes to London

My two year old son has recently turned a corner – going from no interest at all, to being slightly obsessed with books. He has more books in his room now than there are fingers and toes in this household, and I know certain books off by heart. We keep the extra special books on the top shelf…to stop the pages being torn out in excitement. And Binky Goes To London – from the Binky Bear collection, would be one we would keep on the high shelf he can’t reach.

The fab teddy bear that comes with it… well, he could have that all the time!


With its extremely attractive hardback cover showing a picture of the man / bear himself: Binky wearing his gorgeous racing green waistcoat and polkadot neckerchief, it is immediately appealing to children.

The first double page (and last double page) has a map of London and a space to write who the book belongs to.

The teddy bear is of an excellent quality – it resembles a Steiff bear to look at and is super cute.


As your child clutches their new teddy, you can both read the story, by Moira Blackwell and Liz Nankivell, which follows Binky’s day in London where he goes to “find the Queen and have some tea”.

How British can you get?

The words accompany high quality pictures of Binky around London’s famous landmarks. The story is in a rhyming scheme I know from experience is a great hit with children and makes it easier to read – similar to books by Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo). On the pages it mentions (and pictures) famous London sights such as Trafalgar Square, St Martins, St James’s Park and of course, the palace. On his adventure Binky meets a horse, and some very special Corgis – but I won’t give it all away!

The book is well written, humorous and educational.

The Inspiration 

The creators’ inspiration is to get kids outdoors, exploring and having fun – and this book certainly achieves this.

Who is this book for?

– My son is just about approaching the age where this book appeals. Although he’s not speaking yet, the images and the flow of the writing were easy for him to follow. (He knows much more than he’s letting on) but I would think if he was slightly older (three) he would enjoy it even more. He certainly liked the pictures of the bear and pointed at him excitedly as he made his way through London.

– I feel this is a perfect book for anyone taking their children sightseeing in London – or for a day out in London (like Binky).

It would be a great way of incorporating reading and sightseeing into a holiday / trip in a really fun way, especially if you could take Binky back to the places he goes to in the book.

– If I was a primary school teacher going on a school trip to London this would be a perfect way of embedding learning (that’s the teacher in me coming out there).

– It would also be great if you live in London and go to these places with your children – or just want something to do on a day out with the kids – let’s go where Binky went!

– Of course, this book is not solely for people living in or traveling to London (it is still enjoyable for us living in Leeds) but it seems a shame to not take full advantage of the theme! Which is why I will be giving away my copy of Binky Goes To London in a competition in July (watch this space) complete with Binky Bear…. Don’t worry – I haven’t let my toddler get his sticky hands all over it.

More about Binky

Binky also appears in two other books : Binky’s Big Adventure (set in Alresford) and Binky In Trouble (set in Winchester). You can follow Binky Bear Children’s Picture Books and Teddy Bears on Twitter at @AllAboutBinky, on Facebook and check out their website – where you can also download maps to accompany the books.

The books are for children aged 2-7 and are available from selected Waterstones book shops as well as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Harrods and Selfridges.

Future Suggestions 

Can I suggest the next book is Binky goes T’up North

in which he can wear a flat cap and go walking through the Yorkshire Dales before stopping off for a bit of Parkin and playing a spot of Cricket?


All in all, Binky goes to London is the perfect gift for anyone living in London or visiting London with a child. The fact that the book comes with the bear – Binky himself – makes it especially appealing to children. It’s a well written book with beautiful pictures that certainly achieves what the creators set out to do.

It is definitely one to keep on the high shelf.

You can read more reviews here.

If you know anyone who lives in London, are planning a trip there or live there yourself, keep track of me @sivitersteph and Binky Books @AllAboutBinky for our giveaway in July!

I did not receive any fee for this review & will be giving away my free copy of Binky Goes to London & Bear in a competition in July.


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