An essential extra limb for pregnancy : pregnancy pillow (and nursing pillow) review

I have been sent several things to review since becoming a blogger – but I can honestly say, hand on my heart, that the latest item I received has been the most useful and welcome addition to my pregnant (and new mum) life (well, no one has listened to my constant hints about reviewing a range of Gins).

The two items I was lucky enough to be sent have become an essential part of, not just my life – but my body.

I have spent more time with my pregnancy pillow than with my partner – and if I had to get rid of one during the last weeks of pregnancy it wouldn’t have been a tough choice. A pregnant woman has got to do what a pregnant woman has to do!

L Shaped Pregnancy Pillow by pregnancy 

Just twelve days before my elective cesarean I was offered a pregnancy pillow. I jumped at the chance because sleeping (and everything else) had become a painful activity. My second pregnancy bump was absolutely enormous. It felt like twice the size of my first pregnancy bump. It also felt hard, my midwife told me I had a lot of fluid in there too. Generally I felt constantly uncomfortable and in pain. I spent much of the afternoon lying down – and even that hurt.

I had once used a pregnancy pillow in my first pregnancy. It was white, quite thin and not at all firm. It lay between myself and my partner for months, unused – I didn’t really understand what to do with it. So I was hoping this time my pillow would come in handy.

I was expecting the same – but this pillow was in a different league to the first one. First the size of it was double in width and length. It is huge! It is also a gorgeous shade of pink (these things matter) and the material was a sort of softer than soft velvety one. The pillow is also firm and substantial. I was amazed!

I quickly wrapped myself around it on the sofa and felt immediate relief.

My huge stomach fitted nicely around it and the weight was gone. Later I took it up to the bedroom and lay on it / around it for the entire afternoon. It stayed wrapped around me all night and I can honestly say I didn’t move far from it for the entire twelve days.During the heat wave I spent as many hours as I could wrapped around the pillow with a fan on – it was heavenly.

I became like a cat – lazy and an all day dozer on my comfy cushion.

My pregnancy pillow became like an extra limb to me. I would not be seen without it. I can not emphasise enough what a difference it made to my last pregnant days. I wish I had had one sooner.

Nursing Pillow

To my delight I was also sent a nursing pillow in a beautiful beige colour.

After my cesarean this has become my best friend. I sit in bed for hours upon hours breast feeding and this pillow means I can get into a really comfortable position to feed.

It has also become my new baby’s favourite pillow to pose on for photos! It’s handy to move around the house no matter where I go and really helps my back out. I can even write this review thanks to it as my baby happily feeds away. Mothers – aren’t we good at multitasking?

Both products are gorgeous and I would recommend them both to any pregnant ladies and anyone planning to breastfeed.

Extra Information

The pillows are hypoallergenic

The nursing pillow offers support when feeding baby.

The bestseller is the U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

The pregnancy pillow relieves pressure, alleviates aches & pains and helps you to sleep comfortably on your side.

For more information or to order go to


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