A window to your baby : babybond private pregnancy scan review : Mothercare, Leeds

Everyone has their reasons for wanting/ not wanting a private scan during their pregnancy. I can’t and won’t speak for anyone else – my reasons were very personal.

babybond at Mothercare Crown Point, Leeds

Why I wanted a private pregnancy scan

1. It might be my imagination – but the second time around I really feel as though you are left to your own devices. There seems to be less appointments, less checks, less listening to the heartbeat etc. I was scanned (as routine) twice by the hospital at twelve weeks and twenty weeks – so the last twenty weeks are a vast amount of time to wait – it sure drags on.

2. I am what you would call an anxious person and have suffered with antenatal depression during this pregnancy. I constantly worry about what is happening in there and wonder if my baby is alright – what was he up to? Is he happy? (though I understand a scan can not tell me all of these things 100%). 

3. This is the bit where you laugh at how silly I am: We found out at twenty weeks that we are having another boy and I wanted to see if he looks like his older brother. “You can’t see that from a scan!” I hear you squeal. Maybe not – but I guess this reason comes under ‘general curiosity’.

4. I’m not great during pregnancy and while nine months doesn’t sound that long – in my personal pregnancy time, one week is equivalent to one month. I was lagging – and I needed a boost to get me through this last hurdle.

My babybond scan

I was booked in for a scan at babybond which is now available in Mothercare stores. My local store is at Crown Point in Leeds. On the phone with a lovely, helpful lady, my options were discussed. It was decided that as I was 31 weeks pregnant and I merely wanted a peek at my baby – my best option was a 4D Bonding scan (though they do a wide range of scans). So a few days later I excitedly waddled off to see my son.

The full range of scans that are available with babybond

Upon arrival I was met with a polite and friendly receptionist who explained how long the scan would be. She administered paperwork to sign and I was promptly called in for my appointment. My scanner, a lady called Claire, was wonderful. She was reassuring, calm, well informed and personable. I immediately felt at ease and she didn’t make me feel silly about asking all of my very silly questions. The room was dark and I relaxed on the bed (and resisted the urge to nap) as I watched my baby river dance his way through the thirty minutes on the screen in front of me.

The 4d HD view – like a photograph.

She changed the views from a sort of medical looking 2D one where she took various measurements, to the 4D view and flipped between that and the 4D HD which was pretty remarkable – almost like a photograph; the whole time kindly answering my many, many questions and describing what I could see on the screen. As with the two scans at the hospital, my new son wouldn’t stop jigging about for the thirty minutes but she still managed to get some great pictures of him and I was able to have a really good look at him.

Call me crazy – but he looked just like his brother (now two). It was quite remarkable.

My second son is on the left – my 2 year old first son is on the right – can you see a similarity? We can. Left image taken at babybond, right image with another company.

We actually had a private scan with our first son – but the picture quality has either come a long way in two and a half years – or babybond is the better company.

An Amazing Experience

The whole experience was wonderful, it put my anxiety to rest for a while, it spurred me on for the last nine weeks and it made me even more excited to meet our new arrival.

I also got to leave with a collection of photographs and a DVD of the whole thirty minutes to watch again and again if I ever feel my anxiety coming on – or just need that boost to get through these last weeks.

I would recommend babybond private pregnancy scans to my friends and family – and to you. I found their service to be highly professional, personable and worth the money – whatever your reasons may be. 

Outside I saw a couple coming out of the scan room with tears in their eyes, clearly elated – and heard them excitedly discuss that they were having a baby girl! They couldn’t believe it and I welled up a bit as I watched them embrace. As I said – everyone has their own reasons for wanting a private scan.

Personally – I wanted a sneak peek … because it’s hard to know what is happening in there – I just wanted a window to my baby – and that’s what I got.

I received a discounted scan for this review. As ever – all opinions are entirely honest and my own. 


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