One Corn Every Minute : Second Pregnancy Week 22

The baby is the size of a Corn on the cob. Apparently.

Insert Green Giant pun here.

Let the moaning commence.

I’m not having a great time of it at the moment. Which ailment shall I start with…

There is something odd going on with my bladder. I remember the urge to pee from my first pregnancy – but this is something else. I am just constantly weeing – like a faulty tap. Like some sort of animal whose only skill is pissing on things. Like some sort of robot that was invented to purely pee and not much else. I could have nutted my partner this morning when he wouldn’t get out of the bathroom quickly enough. How dare he have a shower before he goes to work! Arse.

I feel horribly sick and have heartburn – or at least a bubbling of acid rising up in my throat. Living on Ranitidine once more. I’m utterly exhausted and my son (post birth) has decided to wake up incredibly early in the morning. So I am recalling what it is like to live on very little rest – and I’ve got to say, it’s not filling me with excitement about the future.

I have a weird feeling at the base of my back/ top of my derrière – the only way I can describe it is that the baby is trying to burrow his way out of my coccyx. Wow – isn’t coccyx a strange word? Not at all how I was trying to spell it! Thank goodness I looked it up. Coc-cyx, Coc-cyx.

I thought I was doing much better – Depression wise – I thought I was coping – I started to feel myself again. And now I’m almost back to where I started.

I have resumed my ‘crazy paranoid girlfriend’ status from my first pregnancy (maybe he’s not at work, maybe he’s at a strip club! That’s why he showered!). Not helped by horrendous nightmares every night about my fiancé cheating on me, not being able to get ready in time for something or not being able to find something. They have also included being worried about not getting my share of something (mostly food) or being overlooked for something. I wake up feeling exhausted and stressed.

But the worst thing, when I am feeling like this, is being unable to really play enthusiastically and take care of my toddler. He deserves a better mum than me at the moment – although he’s rattling around seemingly unfazed, waving at sodding Mr Tumble.

Baby Jake makes me want to pull my own ears off. What the actual fuck is a hamsternaut? And how am I going to get bigger than this? What will I fit into? Will I just burst?

All these questions and more to be answered,

Until next time.



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