Now I know what’s moussakan me sick : Second Pregnancy Week 24

Week 24 of pregnancy. The baby is the size of an Aubergine – hence the Stella punnage in the title!

Pretty unremarkable week. Heavy duty heartburn, extreme tiredness, murderous sensibilities.

You know – pregnancy is hard. Really hard. And you know what really really doesn’t help? A two year old who has transformed from the sweetest, easiest, most laid back cherub to an absolute sod. I mean – a nightmare.

I am now the sort of mum you see out and about dragging a screaming toddler down a supermarket aisle as he plays the “I’m a dead weight” game. I no longer care. I see

people rolling their eyes “Jesus! You’d think she could control her child!” Well I can’t. Take it up with the Government! I haven’t the energy. And I’m just hoping this is a stage. The sort that lasts precisely one week. It’ll just be one week right? Right? Hello?

The baby kicks all day long and all night – great big thumps that hurt quite a bit. Just like his brother. Which means I’m expecting another little bundle of joy who will be as easy as pie – until he reaches two.

We have also gone right off our name of choice. This is because at the play group I go to there is an older boy sod with this name who pushes over my younger boy sod repeatedly. His mum shrieks our favourite name around 25 times an hour. It’s enough to put you off a name. So it’s back to the drawing board.

As I say – pretty unremarkable. Happy Easter folks. See you next week.



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