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Baby’s First Haul  – Including my first VLOG

In my first pregnancy I bought everything remotely baby related. We spent an absolute fortune. If it was tiny and cute and made me go ‘awww’ or cry – then it went into the basket. Second time around I know exactly what I need. I have learned from experience what the new born baby essentials really are….. 778709_203796023091939_1280152046_o

Why the second pregnancy ain’t as shiny as the first 

Have you ever had severe morning sickness, and instead of being able to lie down and sip water whilst breathing steadily – you have had to be elbow deep in a soiled nappy? Then you understand, my friend, that when it’s the second time around, pregnancy isn’t so rosy.

Disclaimer: We are absolutely blessed to be expecting a second child. We know we are beyond lucky. We are so grateful. However, the second pregnancy has a few disadvantages.

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Trying, trying, trying – Done.

Preview :   Our toddler son lulled my partner and myself into a false sense of security and let us become overwhelmed with confidence by being super cute and highly manageable for a few minutes – so we decided it was a good idea to have another. While ourfirst son was a happy ‘accident’ – this time we would need to ‘try’. My Mothercare editor suggested it would be great to record such ‘trying’ – but my Mother reads this! And she thinks I only did it that once. However – here isa safe summary of events:

Month 1: Partner and I have decided to try as our son is super adorable! Tres Exciting! I’ve got myself a pregnancy app and I’m on it like a car bonnet as the young folk say.

Month 2: No baby yet. I’m doing my best.

Month 3: It happened straight away last time – what am I doing wrong?

Month 4: No baby. And I’m really trying my best – I’m going to need more wine –

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