Your window to ‘run away’ has passed : My Elective Cesarean

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In the future, when I look back on my elective cesarean I will remember the times we laughed, the moments of naturally occurring comedy during such a serious procedure; I will remember the human beings behind the scrubs and hearing my little boy cry for the very first time. When I think about my planned […]


Mummy’s Writing, Darling – a new home

As a new year approaches, my breeding concludes and my writing continues I am excited to tell you that I have moved blogging house. It’s still me – still writing the same old dribble – just at a different address. I hope you’ll pop over for a cup of tea and a giggle any time […]



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This morning my phone made its usual muted ‘beep’ sound which I knew, instinctively, was my morning email from mother. She emails me every morning. She will generally ask me what I have been eating, if I have been eating, how my mood is, how her grandson is and what I am up to. Then […]