Never being part of the natural ‘birth’ club: Cesareans, Birth Trauma and PTSD

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Let’s get a few things out of the way first, before we get going. We are grateful. Grateful we have a son. I am grateful I was able to conceive, I am grateful we had a healthy baby. I am grateful that my son and I lived to tell the tale of my first birth […]


How to Cope with Antenatal Depression : in my second pregnancy

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I understand that when it comes to depression (and antenatal depression) ‘One size’ does not fit all. I also understand that surface/aesthetic solutions are definitely not solutions – but perhaps small rungs on a very long ladder to being ‘better‘ – whatever that means to you. Here is what is currently helping me: 1. Being honest. […]


Dear Mother and son watching Cinderella together (Sunday 19th April/ 3pm showing / Kirkstall Leeds, Row L)

My sister* found her husband wouldn’t go with her to watch Cinderella. Who could blame him? Disney, Fairy Tale, Prince Charming, Chick Flick! It doesn’t really scream ‘Target Audience: Northern lad in his thirties’. So she asked me, and even I wasn’t too excited about seeing it. We all know the story and I have […]