Dear Chicco, about your advert …

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After my 3.40am wake up on a Saturday morning I like to watch some Dawson’s Creek on Sony TV. In between the sickly sweet, utterly false, utopian, fictional drama – I have become aware of your advert. This one … I feel we need to have a little chat about it. The woman in it […]



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Ode to Alex Dyke and Nigel Farage TEEHEE! look, she’s got boobies! She’s got one of them brass-i-ere thingies. under her school shirt – you can see the straps Pull the back far back lads. Thwap! PHWOAR! She’s developed early! Just look at her tits. I’ve heard she’s admired by all the boys, she’s a […]


Breeding Love : Romance after children

Oh I don’t begrudge you, couples. When I see you all loved up, holding hands, making moon eyes at each other, holding me up in the Krispy Kreme queue. You can have your romance. You can have your pre children moments – just as I did. But just heed me this – if you choose […]


Two children may make you a multi-tasking Supermum.

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Since having my second child I get the same question again and again – “how are you finding it with two?” (accompanied by a ‘face’ you might pull asking ‘How was your smear test?’) The answer is – I don’t have time to answer your question Lady, GET OUT OF MY WAY! It was only […]