Tiny New Toes : A Poem about Antenatal Depression

Depression came a’drummin on my door.
She’s no stranger. I’ve seen her before.
I asked her in for a spot of tea,
she bounced my toddler on her knee.

you can stay for one,” I politely pressed
but I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong address,
there’s far more than cake on my expanding plate,
and I’m pretty certain you’ve got the wrong date

My two year old keeps me on my toes
and I’ve exciting news, everyone knows
makes you bundle with joy, bloom, glow, shine
we’re having a baby! In four months’ time.

we tried for this, the best part of a year
so I’m pretty certain this is a time for cheer!
our second miracle is on its way
so as I said, you truly can’t stay.”

She put down her cup and shook her head
“If that’s what you think, you’ve been misled,
I’ve a blatant disregard for all of the facts
frankly my love, I don’t give a rats

Baby or no baby, I’m here to stay
Spread the word mamma, I’m wired that way.”

Now as I sit in the dark, the dark sits in me
and I weep, as I rock my toddler on my knee

when the house is still, I wonder at it all
as tiny new toes come tapping on my inside wall.


photo 1

Tiny New Toes –  A poem about Antenatal Depression / Depression in Pregnancy.

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9 thoughts on “Tiny New Toes : A Poem about Antenatal Depression

    • Sorry to hear you are suffering too. I’ve asked for support. You should do the same. Speaking to the MW has really helped. This time I have a really lovely one. Also, although it might sound silly, writing down my thoughts is helpful. X


  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. Depression is hard enough at any time but it must be a million times worse when you’re expecting (and have a small person at home to look after too – oh my!). Do ask for support. I wish that you were local to me so that I could offer to bring you cups of tea and to take your small one to the park so that you had some time to regroup. Thinking of you. x

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  2. Oh love – well in writing about it you’re talking about it so you’ve got one up on that bitch! Glad to hear you’re getting support. It is TOUGH with a toddler. It will all be ok though, it really will. Big kiss x

    Liked by 1 person

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