Then and Now

 Now you are two but then, then you were nought

you’ll never understand, the joy you have brought


then you couldn’t hold up your own head

then you slept next to me in my big bed

then we didn’t know how to change your nappy

then we didn’t know how to make you happyTHEN9

now you can walk, run, jump, almost speak

now you have a full set of dangerous teeth

now you barely resemble the baby you were

and the last two years are reduced to a blur


then we didn’t know if we’d make it – your dad and me

now mummy and daddy are getting married, to secure our little family

Then, we were all surviving from day to day

Now, we are planning for the future – your sibling is on their way

Then you were just making your grand debut

Now, my darling, you are two.


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